How to order


To order your photos I need your assistance performing the following steps:

  • Find the Gallery ID and Photos that you are after – i.e. for photo “JWP_0010” in gallery 2021-NSJRL-001, please specify “2021-NSJRL-001-JWP_0010”. This will ensure I will find your images quickly. The file name should appear in the lower left corner of the screen. OR a screen shot of the photos that you are interested in purchasing with details of the sport, age group and approximate date to help me find your photos if you have browsed them on Facebook.
  • Facebook message me via my Jim Walker Photo Facebook page or email me at with your name and email (if using Facebook) and the GalleryID + Photo filenames you wish to purchase
  • Once I have you details and the images I will send an email or message confirming the photos that you are after
  • Once confirmed, I will send an invoice via to pay. Once payment is confirmed for digital files I will send a link to your files or update you once the prints have been shipped.

I accept payments via Cash on Delivery (COD), Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

While I have made every attempt to get a photo of each person, sometimes this is not possible.

If you get stuck or would like some assistance, please Facebook message or email.