2020 NSJRL Gala and Grand Finals Photo Orders

2020 NSJRL Gala and Grand Finals Photo Orders

September 25, 2020 0 By Jim Walker


To order your photos this year I need your assistance performing the following steps:

  • Find the Gallery ID and Photos that you are after (listed below) – i.e. for photo “JWP_0010” in gallery 001, please specify “001-JWP_0010”. This will ensure I will find your images quickly. The file name should appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • FB message me via my Jim Walker Photo Facebook page or email me at jim@jwp.net.au with your name and email (if using Facebook) and the GalleryID + Photo filenames you wish to purchase
  • Once I have you details and the images I will send an email or message confirming the photos that you are after
  • Once confirmed I will send an invoice to pay and a link to your files

I accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Please note that generally there will turn around of 24 hours for confirmed orders.

While I have made every attempt to get a photo of each child, sometimes this is not possible.

The galleries will be linked to this page when available.


Gallery IDGallery NameLink
00012020 NSJRL U6Click here
00022020 NSJRL U7Click here
00032020 NSJRL U8/U9Click here
00042020 NSJRL U10Click here
00052020 NSJRL U11/U12Click here
00062020 NSJRL U13Click here
00072020 NSJRL U14/U23Click here